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Daiyo Shibutani's 2 research works with 5 citations and 21 reads, including: Impulse Creepage Discharge Propagation Mechanisms in N2/SF6 Gas Mixtures. Dai


201421- SURFACE DISCHARGE SIMULATION IN SF6 AND N2 MIXTURES WITH A PLASMAR. China JIAN SHI State Key Laboratory of Power Transmission Equipment

sf6n2 -

The brochure presents the insulating properties of N2/SF6 mixtures, and the techniques for using such mixtures in gas insulated lines (GIL). Since the

of SF6/N2 in non-uniform field and extra high voltage

simulation of SF6/N2 in non-uniform field and extra high voltage surface roughness discharges (electric) gas mixtures SF6 insulation pressure

corona discharge in SF6 and SF6/N2 gas mixtures at high

For SF6/N2 mixtures, the main source of light emission is from N2.N2, Tr being considered, due to the high pressure, to be equal to

as Efficient Sites for the Separation of SF6 from N2 -

FULL TEXT Abstract: SF6 and SF6-N2 mixed gases are used widely as insulators, but such gases have high greenhouse gas potential. The separation of SF6

fem-fctsf6n2 -

Simulation of prebreakdown phenomena at a gas/solid interface in a 10 % SF6/N2 mixture stressed by very fast transient voltages. In: IEEE

> Publication > Dry air, N2, CO2 and N2/SF6 mixtures for

gas-insulated systems using dry air, N2, CO2 and N2/SF6 mixtures. voltage above 30 (36) to 500 (550) kV (This TB replaces electra

【PDF】the Breakdown Voltages of SF6-N2 mixture", High Voltage

Ward, " Optimum SF6-N2, SF6-Air, SF6-CO2 Mixtures Based on Particle Contamination ", Conference Record of the 2000 IEEE International Symposium on


voltage (50 Hz), in a point-plane electrode arrangement, using the (φ gases are SF6, N2, CO2 and mixtures (SF6 - CO2 and SF6 - N2)

Single Phase SF6/N2 Bus Duct for Power Frequency Voltage -

Diluted SF<sub>6</sub>/N<sub>2</sub> mixtures could be a substitute to pure SF<sub>6</sub> as insulating medium for high voltage gas insulated

Rod-Plate Gap Streamer Discharge in SF6/N2 Gas Mixtures

rod-plate gap streamer discharge in 50~50% SF6/N2 gas mixtures problems.discharge mechanism has been a hot topic in the field of high voltage [3

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Yasuhiro Maeda's 2 research works with 14 citations and 26 reads, including: Application problems of N2/SF6 mixtures to gas-insulated bus. Yasuhiro Maeda

High Voltage | Electron | Ionization

(CC12F2) and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) are However, when a high voltage is applied between available suggest that 40% SF6/60% N2 mixtures

insulation characteristics of air; N2, CO2, N2/O2, and SF6

high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker (VCB) are with the dielectric strength of SF6/N2 mixed gas Study on oxygen/nitrogen gas mixtures for the

0.40.8 MPaSF6-N2SF6-CO2.pdf-

G.D. Theophilus's 4 research works with 31 citations and 14 reads, including: FLASHOVER STUDIES IN SF6-N2 MIXTURES USING DIRECT APPLIED VOLTAGES. G.D

and CO2–SF6 and N2–SF6 Mixtures under Different Voltage

This paper is devoted to a comparison study of the breakdown voltage of CO2, N2, and SF6 gases, and CO2–SF6 and N2–SF6 mixtures under different

Symposium on High Voltage Engineering, Volume 3, Topic D,

2015730- Courses Publications Reports Published books Workshops / Conferences Supervised PhD Supervised MSc Supervised Projects Education Language s

sf6 initiated by metallic particles fixed on high voltage

high voltage (HV) conductor or attached on the spacer surface at AC Dry air, N2, CO2, and N2/SF6 mixtures for gas-insulated systems Ref

behaviors of the SF6/N2 mixtures under impulse voltage

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Effects due to metallic particle contaminations in SF6/N2 Gas

Sulphur Hexafluoride is an insulating and switching gas found for the development of metal clad high voltage substations in the year 1960s. Since SF<

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Katunori Watabe's 8 research works with 16 citations and 17 reads, including: Creeping flashover characteristics in (N2/SF6) gas mixture under pulse


TGas-1013 On-line SF6 gas monitor It is widely used in such electric power, Laboratory Etc. Not easy wiring of the occasion with stable and reliable

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R. Y. Pai's 34 research works with 231 citations and 208 reads, including: IMPULSE BREAKDOWN IN SF6, SF6/N2 AND SF6/N2/PERFLUOROCARBON MIXTURES

partial discharge activity in 10∶90 SF6-N2 gas mixtures

sulphur compounds electric strength gas mixtures nitrogen partial discharges SF6-N2 metallic particle induced partial discharge high-voltage application gas

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Gb5099 219mm 15mpa 40l Steel Cylinder Storage Sf6 Gas Manufacturers , Find Complete Details about Gb5099 219mm 15mpa 40l Steel Cylinder Storage Sf6

of Gas Switch Gap in SF6-N2 or SF6-Ar Gas Mixtures Under

Experiments were carried out to ascertain multichannel discharge characteristics in a self-designed coaxial field-distortion gas switch filled with SF6-N2 or

N2/SF6 mixtures for gas insulated systems - Transform.ru

N2/SF6 mixtures for gas insulated systems - Read more about mixtures, dielectric, mixture, voltage, inception and intrinsic.

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I Coll's 8 research works with 120 citations and 67 reads, including: Decomposition of high-pressure (400 kPa) SF6 and SF6/N2 (10:90) mixtures

Research on the synergy of SF6/N2 mixture gas in low

Under the excitation of a negative DC high voltage, the breakdown voltage of the SF6/N2 mixture gas is measured at a temperature of 0 to -15°C